Fun Water Science

Try these simple science experiments in your class. This way children will understand scientific concepts while having fun.

Primary School
Middle School
High School


Primary School

A follow up to 'Sink or Float', the activity has children figuring out that shapes can determine whether something sinks or floats.

Sink or Float
Demonstrate that some things float while others sink
Float Boat
A follow up to 'Sink or Float', the activity has children figuring out that shapes can determine whether something sinks or floats
stuff to throw Aluminium foil and clay balls
Craft a Raft
A follow up to 'Float Boat', make your class use their imagination and make a ball of clay float
Disappearing Water
Demonstrate evaporation
Clay Float Glass of water two weeks disappearing water  
 Straw Experiment
 Straw Exepriment      

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Middle School

How does it become bigger?
Convex lenses explained
Slip Sliding away
A fun experiment on friction. Use this to discuss safety too
droplets on text copy, magnifies things
Slide, Slip
Water movements
Show how water can move through cloth by capillary action. Link this up with a drip irrigation model.
Siphon magic
Water pressure and height again. This time it’s an experiment on siphoning liquids
capillary two containers cotton cloth siphon magic
Magic Paper
Use this to explain the concept of air pressure and displacement of air
Measuring Turbidity
Not everyone has access to crystal clear water. Learn about turbidity and measure it using samples of water from different sources
Paper Magic, Glass, Bucket measuring turbity
Rain Gauge
Make a rain gauge and use it to monitor rainfall in your school. Calculate the amount of rainwater you can harvest on your rooftop
Rain gauge
Using a plastic throw away water bottle you can make a very simple rain gauge
rain gauge rain gauges
Rain Water Treatment
Demonstrate a basic rainwater filter in class. If students work on a rainwater harvesting project for the school, they can use this principle and make the filter themselves
Water Contains Oxygen
We can't see it, but it sustains aquatic life. This activity shows that water has dissolved oxygen

Rain water harvesting

Water Contains Oxygen

Pretty Convection Currents
 Bottle Barometer

convection current
  bottle barameter
When you are discussing barometers, you can show them one from your science lab, or make this barometer in the class
A fountain and a sprinkler
Show how water pressure changes with depth
Fun fountain
Yet another experiment on water pressure and height of a column
Fountain fun fountain
Check these links to make a sprinkler with an old water bottle. Discuss Newton’s third law of motion after you do this experiment. Instructions for making another fountain
Constant flow bottle
Another experiment to discuss water pressure with respect to height of a column
fountain constant flow
Make your own aquarium ecosystem 
 Plant a mini Jungle

Make your own aquarium ecosystem


  Plant a Mini Jungle  
Make an Arch
 Building Bridges
 Make an Arch


 Building Bridges  
Make a delta  
 Water erosion (Block of Sand)
 Make a Delta


 Water erosion


Soil Erosion (Potted Plants) 
Make a Water Wheel
Soil Erosion



Make a water wheel


Osmosis in colour

Osmosis Potato Experiment


Osmosis in colour



Osmosis (Potato Exepriment)


Measuring temperature

Measuring rainfall



Measuring Temperature


Measuring Rainfall

Loading Cargo


Hollow hulls



Loading Cargo


 Hollow Hulls

High School

Cohesion - Adhesion
Why does water stick to some materials and not all
Water Temperatures at Different Depths
This activity helps students understand the temperature stratification of water bodies. Combine it with the Presentations on 'Aquatic ecosystems'
Adhesion and Cohesion water temperature
Propeller boat
Show them how a propellor works
Surface tension
No tension to demo
tom sawyer's boat
surface tension
Simple tornado
Have a stormy session in class by making these simple tornadoes
Fibre optics
Explain movement of light through a tube and total internal reflection through these simple experiments
simple tornado Fibre optics
Bubbly paths
How does a film of soap travel between fixed points?
Balancing Act
Can you make a pipe balance at a 45 degree angle? Your class on moments of force can be made very interesting. Check this out. . For a one minute film on this click here
bubbly bath Balancing Act
Water bottle rocket
Have a science class in the playground. Have the children discuss the hows and whys of rocket propulsion. Why do we need to put some water in the bottle during the experiment?Combine it with the Presentations on 'Aquatic ecosystems'
Inertia Bottles
You can give many examples to explain inertia. Try this experiment and let your class discuss the results
water bottle rocket inertia bottles
Hydraulic Jack
Science for Std XI and XII can also be fun. Explain basic principles of hydraulics with this simple experiment
 Water race
Discuss water pressure with respect to height of a column after you do this simple experiment
 hydraulic jack  water bottle rach
Daredevil diver
Teaching Archimedes’ Principle? Try these experiments to explain concepts better
Bubbly bottles
Which principle can you explain using this experiment?
dare devil diver bubbly bottles
 Self Righting Boat
 Make a Submarine Float
 Self Righting Boat
Life Boat flip upright automatically
 Make a Submarine Float
The air will force the water to out of the tanks and you have a floating marine
Make power boat
Chemical Erosion (Sand and Sugar Water)

Make a Power Boat


Chemical Erosion

Testing hull shapes
Testing Upthrust

Testing hull shapes

 Testing Upthrust

The WoodenWeather Recorder
Archimedes' Screw

The wooden weather recorder


Archimedes' Screw

 Hydraulic lifter

Hydraulic Lifter