Water movements



  • Two containerscapillary two containers cotton cloth
  • A cotton cloth


  1. This experiment is best done in the last period.
  2. Fill one container with water and keep it on the table at a slight height (use a pencil box or duster to raise it)
  3. keep the other container empty and place it on the table (not at a height)
  4. Put one end of the cloth into the full container, such that the cloth touches the bottom of the container.
  5. Put the tip of the other end of the cloth into the empty container. The cloth should not touch the bottom of the empty container but should be just below the top edge.
  6. Please tell the cleaning staff not to touch this experiment.
  7. First thing in the morning, see what has happened

Teacher’s notes
The water soaks through the cloth and moves through capillary action. The empty bowl being at a lower level, the water drips into the empty bowl slowly.