Magic Paper



  • Five sheets of paper that are used on both sides  Paper Magic, Glass, Bucket
  • Five transparent glasses
  • A wide mouth bucket filled three fourths with water
  • A mopping cloth


  1. Divide the class into 5 teams
  2. Give each team a sheet of paper and a glass
  3. Ask them to figure out how the paper can stay dry even if it is pushed well inside the bucket of water.
  4. If a team can do it they are declared winners. Else the teacher can show them how it is done.
  5. Scrunch up the paper and firmly place it at the bottom of the glass. Push the paper into shape so that it does not fall out even when you overturn the glass.
  6. Now overturn the glass and keep it perfectly vertical.
  7. Push the overturned glass into the bucket of water (the glass should not tilt when you push it into the water)
  8. Pull it back up (without tilting it) and remove the paper.
  9. Ask the children to check if it is wet or dry

Teacher’s notes
Discuss the concept of air pressure and displacement of air. Since the air cannot get displaced from the glass, water does not enter it and the paper remains dry.