Fountains and Sprinklers


This activity demonstrates that water exerts greater pressure at the bottom of a container as compared to the top. You can also show the students how to make a sprinkler.

You may want to do this activity outside the classroom in the school grounds


  • Cleaned out 1 litre juice cartonsFountain
  • A bucket of water
  • Four lengths of string


  1. Make four holes up one side of the cartons
  2. Dip one carton (open side up) into a bucket of water so that it gets filled with water.
  3. Lift it out and hold it high so that all the students can see it.
  4. Watch the water squirt out of the holes

Some questions to ask the children

  1. Through which hole does water squirt out the farthest? Why?
  2. If the carton were to be empty and pushed into the bucket of water, until the top hole is just below the water level, through which hole would water squirt in the farthest? Why?

The children can check this out and do the experiment themselves in small groups

Procedure to make a sprinkler

  1. Make 4 holes up the opposite side of the carton that already has the holes Sprinkler
  2. Attach one string each to the four top edges of the carton
  3. Twist the strings together (more the twists, faster the sprinkler action) and hold it at the top.
  4. Now push the carton open side up into the water until it fills up completely
  5. Hold the carton and twisted strings and lift it high up. Release the carton while holding the twisted strings on top.
  6. The carton rotates and water sprinkles out in all four directions.